Monday Morning Roundup

No Vehicle's
Apparently, the campground owners had a grudge against Cadillac.

Happy Monday morning!

Or…maybe it’s not so happy. Maybe you despise mornings. Maybe you dread Mondays. Maybe the combination of the two thrusts you into a panic every Sunday evening, keeping you awake until 2 am when you finally fall into a restless slumber only to be jolted back into consciousness by your alarm at 6.

If Monday mornings cause you to pull the covers over your head and groan, then I hope my Monday Morning Roundup series will provide you with a small incentive to hit the snooze button one less time. Each week I’ll help you feel a bit better about yourself by posting photos of publicly displayed–and often paid for–grammar errors and typos I’ve found online, in print, and around town. And to help you get those neurons firing, I’ll leave it to you to figure out what’s wrong in each picture. I invite to share your answers and thoughts in the Comments section and to share your own grammar and spelling “fail” photos on my Facebook page.

This week’s roundup consists of signs which would have benefitted from a second read-through by someone other than the author. The photo at the top of this post was taken by me some years ago at a campground on Cape Cod but remains one of my favorite all-time apostrophe catastrophes (oops, gave that one away). The second photo was also taken a couple of years ago , and I’m happy to report that when I drove by the same sign today, the business has corrected the error. The last two photos were taken during my travels this past weekend.

Have a great Monday!

Frappe's 55 flavors
As much as I enjoy ice cream, I wouldn’t want to be named Frappe.


You're food allergies_small
Potential food allergies aren’t the only issue here.


Those will be some suite bays.