Simple advice for freelancers: be friendly (but not too friendly), be punctual, and don’t ghost.


The Write Life is an excellent online resource for writers, editors, and others who wrangle words for a living (or hope to, one day). I visit the site regularly for advice, inspiration, and encouragement, and they never disappoint.

Take this blog post on freelancing, for example. It’s full of tips on how to develop a relationship with an editor and–perhaps more importantly–how to sustain the relationship once you’ve made that connection. Some of the advice might seem like common sense, but trust me: there are many people out there who see nothing wrong with including their life story in a query letter or resorting to radio silence when a deadline has been missed. Every once in a while, writers (and editors) could use a refresher course on proper etiquette in the publishing world, and we thank the post’s author, Kristen Pope, for this gentle reminder.

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