It’s been a while (not awhile)…

Hey, friends!

I know it’s been some time since I last posted (almost a year!), but I’m back and excited to share tips, tricks, and—of course—photos of spelling errors, poor word choices, and punctuation mishaps out in the wild.

Speaking of which:

Print, digital, or job is too small for a proofreader.

Maybe this store employee was suffering from spring fever when they created this very neatly lettered sign; after all, it’s been unseasonably mild in New England the past few days. One could chalk (yup, I did) the missing comma after “mind” up to aesthetics—graphic designers know what I’m talking about—and I’m even willing to excuse the decision to not use the Oxford comma after “and” (although placing commas after both “body” and “and” would look more balanced to the eye). However, it’s pretty indisputable that “health” should be “healthy.”

Do you notice typos, misspelled words, and errant apostrophes everywhere you go? Send me your photos and I’ll include them in a future blog post!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to look in my junk drawer for a piece of chalk.