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KMS Proofreading works with individuals, businesses, and organizations to produce engaging and error-free content for their audiences. In today’s tech-driven society, first impressions are a business’s lifeline. Nothing sends potential customers and clients to your competitor faster than a website landing page or social media post riddled with typos, punctuation errors, and spelling mistakes.

No matter how large or small a project is, having someone proofread your writing—especially someone who’s trained to catch errors and inconsistencies—is imperative to creating a positive first impression.

When proofreading the work of others, my mission is always to help my clients develop clear, concise, and error-free content while keeping the author’s intended meaning and voice intact.

About Kate Strassel

I’m a word nerd. I’ve been writing since my midteens; my content has been published in Charles River Review, edible South Shore & South CoastRhode Island Creative Magazine, and on consumer sites such as Citizens Bank. I received my bachelor’s degree in liberal arts with minors in creative writing and business communication from Harvard University’s School of Extension Studies in 2016. I’ve been proofreading, writing, and editing for clients since 2009.

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