KMS Editing’s rates for editing, proofreading, and writing follow industry standards. Formal estimates take into consideration the condition of the writing (determined by KMS Editing), deadlines, and other factors unique to each project. Initial consultations are always complimentary; sample edits of projects are available upon request.

Please include the following information for your project to receive the most accurate quote:

  • A short but thorough description of your project with an accurate page or word count. (Note: the standard word count for a manuscript page is 250 words.)
  • A sample of the copy to be edited. Seeing a sample of the project helps me to determine the level of editing or proofreading needed in order to produce a high-quality piece in a reasonable time frame. A guideline for how much copy to send would be:
    • 1-2 lines for a flyer
    • 1-3 paragraphs for a brochure, catalog, short article, or essay
    • 1-3 pages for a shorter manuscript (100 pages or fewer)
    • 4-6 pages or 1 chapter for a longer manuscript (101+ pages)
  • The deadline for the project. Tip: when determining the project deadline, be sure to account for the time needed to read through and make the suggested corrections or rewrites before your own submission due dates. Please see the chart below for the estimated pace for each type of project. I will always tell you right away if I will not be able to meet your deadline.
  • Your total budget for the project. Knowing this up front, along with your deadline, enables me to determine the level of editing I will be able to provide for your project.

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